2018 project : Media campaign „We present you with candidates, you choose“



                                             Financially supported by the Council of Europe  untitled


2016/2017 project :  “Women and girls with disabilities have the right to live without violence

supported by: B&H Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees / Agency for Gender Equality of B&H


2015 project : “Human Rights TV Courtroom”

financially supported by the US Embassy in Sarajevo  


2014/2015  project: “Green Treasury”
    approved financial support of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the program: Action Plan Environmental Strategies


 2014/2015  project:  “International and regional promotion TEGO Concept for the purpose of economic empowerment of women”
   financial support from FIGAP      



2014  project:  “Courtroom in BiH” …
      financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in BH                       



2013/2014  We had implemented the project: “TEGO Concept” in cooperation with FMOIT  (Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism)  :

1. Trnovo   2.Gradačac  3. Goražde  4.Orašje 5.  Čitluk    6. Ljubuški –   7. Široki Brijeg    8. Tomislavgrad  9. Vitez   10. Vareš    11.Visoko     1. VITEZ -  2. ČITLUK -   3. GRADAČAC –   4. GORAŽDE –   5. ŠIROKI BRIJEG  -
   financially supported from FIGAP       and FMOIT funds 



2012/2013  in partnerships with by the Minister of Security of BiH we have realized the project: “The development and sustainability of mechanisms for the integration of a gender perspective in the field of Security and the promotion of participation of women in the police forces in BiH”  
     Financial supported by funds from FIGAP 


2011/2012  we have realized the project:   ”Magical tourist attraction – the Federation of BiH = 10 Stars”
20.000,00KM  with the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism


2011   we have realized the project:   ”24 pictures implementation of GAP in Bosnia and Herzegovina – balance the participation of women and men in political and public life”

   financially supported from FIGAP