Join us for the goals which are closest to you, as partners, donors, staff, volunteers, members …..

Feel free to send us your suggestions (based on the objectives and activities of the Association) which we will gladly discuss and get in touch with you!

The goals and activities of the Association BONAVENTURA:

• Assistance in promoting improvements on environmental awareness

• Assistance in promoting and development of improving care about health of human beings

• Help in the promotion of non-violence on living and non-living to live more comfortable in BiH

• Assistance in promoting the culture of living in an urban environment

improving awareness of human rights and freedoms

• Help in improving the process ofgender equality

• Promotion of non-violence in the family

• help in the treatment of of elderly people

• Raising awareness among young people about the importance of living creatures on earth: people, animals and plants

• General education in the field of protection and care for animals, familiarizing the public with the Law of the Protection and Welfare of Animals

• Participation in the development and implementation of projects related objectives and activities of the Association

• Help in the promotion of BiH tourist destinations; exchange experiences with similar organizations in the region and the world

• Assistance in the organization of TV and radio shows, panel discussions, public hearings, seminars, workshops, conferences and other cultural events in order to achieve the objectives of the Association

• Publication of brochures, newsletters and books in order to achieve the objectives of the Association

If you find some or one of the stated objectives close-recognizable; join us with the aim of improving the living culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina: for more comfortable today and a better tomorrow BONAVENTURA!!

Members of the Association for the improvement of culture of living BONAVENTURA

01.Adnan Hajrulahović HAAD, Sarajevo – an honorary member / volunteer

02. Anamarija Susmel Božović, Sarajevo – Member – Assistant

03. Asmir Muratovic, Sarajevo – an active member, an associate

04. Aldin Pašić, Sarajevo – an honorary member / volunteer

05. Nikolina Milovanović, Laktaši – active member

06. Avdo Mirvić, Gorazde – active member

07. Arnel Zec, Novi Travnik – a supporter / volunteer

08. Fatima Čeligija, Sarajevo – active member

09. Maida Selimovic, Sarajevo – active Member, Associate

10. Mia Ožegović, Sarajevo – volunteer

11. Muamera Muratovic, Sarajevo – a member

12. Indira Mandžuka, Sarajevo-member – Associate

13. Alma Sadiković Sarajevo – member volunteer

14. Aldina Ina Selimagić, Sarajevo-member-Associate in Project

15. Luka Lukic , Sarajevo-member, volunteer

16. Naida Okan, Vogošća / Sarajevo, active member-Associate

17. Almedina Glođo, Sarajevo, Member-Associate

18. Azra Dautović Vogošća / Sarajevo, active member

19. Vedran Čanković, Sarajevo, active member

20. Srđan Srdić, Sarajevo,active member

21. Amra Crvenjak, Sarajevo,active member

22. Ana Pulko , Slovenia , activ member – Associate


24.Jovana Jeftić, Brčko Distrikt, Associate

25. Edina Culov, Goražde, Activ member-Associate

26. Vezira Džidić, Gradačac,  Associate

27. Darko Živković, Beograd , Associate

28. Alen Džehverović, Sarajevo, Activ Associate

29. Biserka Ivanović Šarkanović ,Split,  Expert Associate

30. Žana Alapeza, Grude, Activ member-Associate

31. Larisa Avdić, Sarajevo, aktivna članica – stručna suradnica

32. Naida Hadžiabdić, aktivna članica – suradnica


President of Assembly:

Fatima Čeligija

President of the Association:

Jasminka Susmel

Vice President of the Association:

Boris Bozovic

Administration – Accounting:

Subhija Kazazović

Maida Selimović